I’m going to start blogging…yeah right!

How many times have I said this?  Probably more than you but every time I do, I get so caught up in making the site perfect that I end up never blogging.

That may happen again, but at least I am going to try.  Right now, the content migration from my old binrev blog is being a pain in my butt.  I got most of it over now I just need to clean it up.

I am also in the process of categorization and organization. After that, the theme is the last thing on the list.  Right now, I am learning basic theme and design but I am just so bad at it that I will not focus on this so much.  Right now, I grabbed some free theme and tweaked it a little bit.  I will eventually customize the graphics and yadda yaddda yadda…

Same claims, same time constraints.  Screw it, I am going to try anyway because it is fun!

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