Content migration

Next on the to-do list is to migrate content over from my blawg over at binrev.  Since Invision is not a true blog CMS, I do not know of an easy way to bring that content over automatically via conversion script.  I could write one, but it would probably take me longer to write it than it would to manually bring over the posts.

Plus, I want to keep all of the images and original timestamps intact so I am just going to manually bring them over and try to get everything organized cleanly in the process. You will probably see a lot of content popping up that is backdated to the original time that it was added over on the old sites over the years.

I know that no one cares, but typing this out gets me back into the blogging mindset and gets me some practice that I have been neglecting for a few years.

Lots more server cleanup

Wow, I am finding just TONS of old stuff that I have never even seen before digging through some old sites that have been sitting there neglected.  Lots of photos, art, articles, and just tons of content that may have never been seen or released.

If I continue to get things cleaned up, maybe I can get them organized one day and figure out some way tot release them.  Even if they are not still relevant, they are interesting from a historical perspective.

I also found some juicy gossipy type stuff from some people who were talking shit about me behind my back but who do not realize that things are logged.  You would really think that any hacker worth a grain of salt should know better. *shrug*

Cleaning up the server(s)

Removing  a bunch of old domains and content form over the years, mostly old projects that are long dead anyway so nothing new and exciting.

What prompted this?  Well, look for a relaunch of one long neglected project that *has* been alive but not getting the love that it deserves.  An old friend has volunteered to give it a redesign and relaunch.

No one reads this site, so a teaser here will not give anything away… but if it does, just be happy about it and watch for more news soon.

Still tinkering

Some of these first posts will be for testing things like customizations and themes.

They are flagged with the category “helloworld” just to keep them controlled.  At some point in the future, I will probably go back and delete all of these old hello world posts.


So yeah, just more boring testing.