April fools!

The spoiler below as the original post that I made here. It was updated after April fools day was over…

Despite the hopes and wishes of a lot of people, I am NOT in custody at this time nor is the site down. It was just a little April Fools joke! The original post is listed below and it was corroborated by several other sites with additional fake content which made it all the more real.  We did a pretty thorough job on this one and fooled a lot of people.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble with the reality, but it was all just a joke.

********** Original Post Below **********

I was notified today that I am under investigation for “aiding and abedding criminal activity” and some other charges that were filed against me for the actions taken by one of the users on our forums. Someone did something very bad and I was forced to turn over all of the logs for the last 90 days and the entire forums database.

I am hoping that they will realize that I am not responsible for the actions of others, but until they make that decision, I may be incapacitated for a while. I AM NOT IN CUSTODY AT THE MOMENT! I am on my own recognizance but I am being called in for questioning by several different agencies at this time.

I will post here if I get any news. If I am unable to post here for whatever reason, please check out OSP and I will communicate through Natas if possible. DO NOT INVOLVE YOURSELVES!

I will update this area if I get any news.

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