Binary Revolution FAQ

Date added: 05 September 2009 – 12:13 AM
Date last updated: 16 November 2016 – 10:51 AM
1) What is a “Binary Revolution”?
Binary Revolution is a movement to take back the world of hacking. It is a mindset that is about being active and doing something to combat the mass media and their portrayal of hackers. It is a revolution against mass media, big corporations, and lawmaking bodies that are trying to tell US what we can and cannot do with things that we create. We will continue to forge forward and form the electronic world around us, not let our new world be restricted by the human world.
2) No, I mean what is this “” thing? (obviously short for BINary REVolution) is a place where people can come to find clear, unbiased, and untethered free thinking about the Internet, and the world for that matter. We are geared towards hacking, but it is much larger than that. Listen to our media outlets including the radio shows, the magazine, the TV show, the forums, and you will understand what it is all about. Do not listen to what the media says, learn what we are about and decide for yourself.
3) Who is behind this Binary Revolution?
The idea was formed by StankDawg and the Digital DawgPound. We are a group of REAL hackers who “get it” and we wanted to spread the word to people that hackers are not all evil people who are out to steal your money and break into banks. These are myths that are perpetuated by the mass media and we wanted an outlet to counter their negativity with our positivity. We believe that our actions should define us by following the old adage that “actions speak louder than words”.
4) You are competing with 2600? Are you crazy?
We are not competing with anyone. We have been, and continue to be, published in 2600 where many of us are/were staff writers. We just think there is a need for more. There is always room for more information! Besides, it is impossible for the truth to compete with itself. Knowledge truly is power.
5) I see that your “all information wants to be free” hacker altruism doesn’t extend to your own mag. What’s up with that?
The information is free, its the printing and distribution that costs money. All proceeds from the sale of the magazine go toward making more issues, and funding hosting and bandwidth. The rest goes to fund other DDP projects like the 944 project, HackTV, and other upcoming projects. Trust me, there is not much left after printing and shipping the magazine. It is pretty much break-even. It does not go to our private “lap dance slush fund.”
6) You guys are morons…Is there anywhere i can flame you personally?
No! *sigh* Ok, fine…send all feedback to webmaster [at] binrev [dot] com or go to the members page to find our individual addresses.
7) Can I contact you to participate in an interview or for quotes?
It’s a free country. Again, see the members page to contact individual members of the DDP. We reserve the right to see the final product and refuse it if we feel it is incorrect or our words modified in any way by the author.
8) Can I use or reprint your articles?
Well, we would appreciate it if you would at least buy the magazine and read our inside cover for our reprint rules. However, they are basically that you need to contact the individual authors and get their respective permissions for the articles in question. The articles belong to those individual authors, and not Binary Revolution magazine. Make sure to include the name of the author in all cases to give proper credit. Also, include the line “Originally printed in Binary Revolution Magazine” followed by the appropriate issue number and a
9) WTF happened to StankDawg and why did he quit/”unplug”?
Read this for all the answers that you need. He is back in a limited form these days.
10) Are you guys a bunch of white-hat sellouts?
I guess that depends on your definition of “white hat”. As a general rule, we support responsible disclosure. If that is your simplistic view of “white hat”, then yes, I guess we qualify for that. But we also support releasing that information publicly after a short amount of time (we chose a standard of 30 days). We are NOT security professionals nor do we make money of of hacking or security. So if that is your definition of “white hat” then no, we are not white hat. StankDawg has always referred to himself, and BinRev in general, as “grey hat”. We all walk the line of legality and morality. It is up to each individual person to decide where those lines are and it is not our place to judge others. We will, however, enforce our lines on this site. We will not judge anything that you do on yours, so please show us the same courtesy.
11) Why do you guys “spoon-feed” the nubies?/Why do you guys hold the hands of nubies?
Because we want them to learn. Because we want to help them. We want the hacking community to grow and if we can foster someone to become a part of our community by welcoming them and helping them get started, then that is what we will do. Do not make the mistake that we will hold their hands forever!. We will help them get started and really take them step by step in some cases, but at some point, they have to learn on their own. If we feel that they are trying and just need some help finding the answers or understanding what they are reading, then we will always be here to help. If they do not take of on their own and continue to ask for help without even trying, then we will stop helping them. We only help those who want to help themselves.
??) You didn’t answer my question.
You didn’t ask it yet! Email to webmaster (at) binrev [dot] com or post in the forums and your question may be added.