Backdated Content 75% complete

I was able to migrate over the basic text of content from several previous blogs.  I now have most of it published again and available.  Still on the to-so list:

  1. Manually bring over some content that did not migrate for some reason. (UPDATE 11/24/2015: COMPLETE!  Some still unpublished due to rigorous cleanup.)
  2. Fix a bunch of images that didn’t migrate over correctly (UPDATE 11/27/2015: 95% COMPLETE! Some photos still missing and posts may be deleted.)
  3. Correct image file names because I am OCD about such things.
  4. Updated ALT tags and image metadata, also for OCD reasons.  Plus, 508 compliance is nice.
  5. Fix a bunch of broken BBCODE tags and HTML tags.
  6. Find and re-upload a bunch of images and media that did not get picked up.
  7. Go back and proofread all posts for broken links and content that may have moved or no longer be available.

Why Bother?  I don’t know that I have a great answer to that question.  I really just wanted to brush up on my web CMS and WordPress skills and try to be a little more in-touch with the programming involved, especially data migration.

I also figured that there are still a lot of links and references that point back to many of my old blogs and posts so I might as well leave them up for posterity.  Someone may want to reference some of them.  I admit that a lot of them are personal topics and there are a lot of outdated announcements from past projects that probably aren’t useful anymore.  There are, however, some old posts that actually have some useful content or good references that I occasionally find useful myself so I thought maybe let the interwebs have them back in case someone else finds them useful as well.

Look at that archive grow

Wow, As I start to migrate over content (and fix the metadata that was lost) I am having some good memories while re-reading some of these posts.  I know that most people probably will not go read any of that old stuff, but I want it all kept for posterity and reference.

Getting back into this sort of work and going back through old content is really getting me re-motivated.  Who knows what the future holds for the dawg.

I’m going to start blogging…yeah right!

How many times have I said this?  Probably more than you but every time I do, I get so caught up in making the site perfect that I end up never blogging.

That may happen again, but at least I am going to try.  Right now, the content migration from my old binrev blog is being a pain in my butt.  I got most of it over now I just need to clean it up.

I am also in the process of categorization and organization. After that, the theme is the last thing on the list.  Right now, I am learning basic theme and design but I am just so bad at it that I will not focus on this so much.  Right now, I grabbed some free theme and tweaked it a little bit.  I will eventually customize the graphics and yadda yaddda yadda…

Same claims, same time constraints.  Screw it, I am going to try anyway because it is fun!